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Detail for Buxton: 3 Tenebrae Responsories
Title: 3 Tenebrae Responsories  
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Composer: Ralph W. Buxton (b. 1948)
Scoring: SATB
Liturgical Use: Holy Week Services
Language: Latin
Catalog #: NDC032
Duration: ca. 12 minutes
Price: $8.95

Selected from the traditional liturgical tenebrae responses for Holy Week, these three texts form a dramatic tryptych of Christ's Passion and Death. The composer has striven to wring the maximum impact from the simplest of means in emulation of the "plangent austerity" of Victoria's settings, though in a modern context.   Each composition respects the traditional responsorial form with repeated sections of text and music but to vastly different effect in each piece.  These settings can be sung as part of Holy Week services; as concert pieces, they make an effective cycle but also can be sung separately.  
1. In Monte Oliveti – Christ's Passion in the Garden of Gethsemane
2. Tenebrae fact sunt – Jesus dies on the Cross.
3. O vos omnes [also available as NDC031] – Words of lamentation: 'Is there any greater sorrow'? Paraphrases the original plainsong in the soprano (Liber Usualis, p. 727).
You may purchase a recording of the Cathedral Choir of St John the Evangelist of Cleveland performing In Monte Oliveti and Tenebrae factae sunt at their website.

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