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Detail for Desprez/Larue: Absalon fili mi
Title: Absalon fili mi  
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Composer: attr. Josquin Desprez or Pierre de la Rue
Scoring: ATBB
Liturgical Use: none
Language: Latin
Catalog #: NDC008
Duration: ca. 4 minutes
Price: $3.95
Remarks: Often cited as the very hallmark of Josquin Desprez’s expressive style, several modern scholars have presented convincing arguments, based on evidence largely circumstantial, that this piece may in fact have been composed by Pierre de la Rue, composer for a quarter of a century to the Hapsburg-Burgundian court. With its unrestrained expression of a father’s grief over the loss of his son coupled to an unusual tonal design, it is a masterwork for the ages, transcending its time, its genre, and, possibly, even its composer.   View Sample Score
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